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Lijung's work focuses on recording Korean society from individuals to communities through her position of view. Since society does not exist without individuals, and individuals cannot exist without society, she records these in media such as photography, video, installation, and text.


2015 Korea National University of Arts, Fine arts, BA (Seoul, South Korea)
2022 Universität der Künste Berlin, Art in Context, MA (Berlin, Germany)

Solo Exhibition
2023 “키신 Kishin: The Generation of Postmemory” 탈영역우정국 (Seoul, South Korea)
2022 “코리안 고스트 Korean Ghost” 175 Gallery (Seoul, South Korea)
2018 “지나간 미래 Future Past” Culture Space Yang (Jeju, South Korea)

Group Exhibition, Screening
2022 “25 Grad” Kühlhaus (Berlin, Germany)
2022 “2 Positionen: Lijung & Xuan Wang” Kunstraum Potsdamerstraße (Berlin, Germany)
2022 “Sense of City” Zwitschermachine (Berlin, Germnay)
2020 “Feierabend” KAMMER Projekt X (Berlin, Germnay)
2019 “The Walls We Built” Kunstfestival, Rasselmania (Hildesheim, Germany)
2019 “The Walls We Built” Bayimba Festival of the Arts (Kampala, Uganda)
2019 “Media action in Jeju” A tent village (Jeju, South Korea)
2019 “Wohnzimmer” Grenzst.18 (Berlin, Germany)
2019 “How can we keep the Chaos” ACUD (Berlin, Germany)
2017 “Fake Artist” Seogyo Arts Center (Seoul, South Korea)
2015 “Chemisch memory” COEX (Seoul, South Korea)
2015 “Do not freeze, do not die, I'll be resurrected” Korea National University of Arts (Seoul, South Korea)
2014 “Life after a catastrophe” Seoul NPO Center (Seoul, South Korea)
2014 “Korean airline” Ilwoo Space (Seoul, South Korea)
2013 “A4 Hysterie” Too much Hysterie (Seoul, South Korea)
2013 “Create your own Absolut” Daelim Warehouse (Seoul, South Korea)
2012 “Drawing” Korea National University of Arts (Seoul, South Korea)
2011 “Leesang's house’” Leesang's house (Seoul, South Korea)

Presentation, residence, performance
2017 Art residence, Cultural Space Yang (Jeju, South Korea)
2015 'CHAGO'presentation, Artsonje Center (Seoul, South Korea)
2015 'Find a Korean' performance, City Hall (Seoul, Korea)

2023 SFAC Visual Art fellowship, 서울문화재단 Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Seoul, South Korea)
2022 Sonderstipendium INITAL 2 - Neue Kooperationen, Akademie der Künste, Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
2021 DAAD STIBET I - Studienabschluss Stipendium, DAAD (Germany)
2021 K-Arts On Road, 한국예술종합학교 공연전시센터 K-Arts Performance & Exhibition Center (Seoul, South Korea)

Press, Publication
2023, 고동연, 신종원, 유리나, 이정, 정윤호, 키신 Kishin: The Generation of Postmemory (Seoul: 정발산Jeongbalsan, 2023)
2021, Minh An Szabó de Bucs, "Abgeschimiert" Tagesspiegel, 10.MAY 2021/ Nr.24531.

Project Group
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