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2022, Exhibition, Zwitschermachine, Berlin, Germany

중심 잡기 Balance

"If you look straight ahead and open your arms, you can balance well.”

Installation view in Zwitschermachine, Berlin, 2022

Man muss die Balance halten (We must keep the balance) is a video produced in Berlin in 2017. That year, I moved from Seoul to Berlin. Berlin had people from various backgrounds, and many people were dreaming various dreams. As one of them, I also entered this city hoping to become an artist. But in reality, I had to learn German first. When my friends exhibited and worked in my hometown, it was difficult to accept the reality that I had to learn a new language like a child. But being a foreigner living abroad was my new identity, and I had to absorb this new identity given to me. I had to balance what I wanted and what I had to do. It’s hard to keep the balance in life, but let me try. - 2022, Berlin

Man muss die Balance halten, Video, 8m 41sec, 2017

Ball game, Video, 6m 9sec, 2016

Gerade stehen, Video, 5m 21sec, 2016